Freitag, 30. Januar 2009

Squarehead-Projects at Act Art 6

Squarehead-Projects is a collaboration of Lorna Lau and Dorit Agater. Act Art 6 (London, 2008) brought them back together to work out some work fitting the theme "Worlds Problems". They banged their heads together and came up with an interactive Installation made of paper cubes in the shape of a city skyline. The audience had 3 options to intervene in the work.
1: Take a cube and replace it somewhere else
2:Take a cube and keep it for yourself
3:Do nothing

We wanted to make an experiment to see how willing people are to change present facts and if there is a communal thinking and working together. To visualize the changes we installed a camera to time-lapse the event. As you can see was it a quit drastic process of destruction and construction, well kind of more destruction. What is this telling us??

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